Zsolnay Festival in Pécs

Zsolnay Fesztivál és Egyetemi Napok

Hungary is known for having soil that has very high clay content, and is very rich in minerals because of the thermal waters that are underneath most of the country. In many places, the clay content is so great that you can dig it out of the earth and slap it on the pottery wheel to start spinning. This is why Hungary has always been the worlds number one exporter of Porcelain, and is one of the original makers of “china”.

Pécs in southern Hungary is a place with very high clay content,. and it is the home of the Zsolnay brand, that, along with Körmendi and Herendy, is the top three porcelain manufacturing companies in Hungary. Zsolnay has been making porcelain for well over a hundred years, and is currently holding festivals in Pécs every year. This year, May 16 will see the advent of the 3rd Zsolnay festival in Pécs.

zsonay fesztival Zsolnay Festival in Pécs

Zsolnay Festival

The festival will be held during the 16th and 20th of May. Aside from the obvious sales of porcelain and the many kinds and types of porcelain masterpieces that will be available, the Zsolnay festival will also hold workshops and explanations about how the material is made and painted. There will also be food, wine, and of course, music to dance to. During the day, folk, rock and balkan music will be played alongside Hungarian gypsy music, and at night, classical performances will be held.

The Zsolnay factory is in Pécs, and has been operating for a very, very long time. It is part of the cultural capital of Pécs, and is visited every year by thousands of tourists interested in porcelain and pottery in general. The factory still works and still makes porcelain products, and this festival is basically a show of what they manufacture at Zsolnay, past and present.


Pécs was the cultural capital of Europe in 2010, and is one of the oldest towns still standing in Hungary that did not get utterly destroyed in one of the man catastrophes of the past 500 years that befell this country. Pécs is a beautiful city, with striking elements and architecture that is usually older than what can be found in Budapest, due to the reasons mentioned above. It is truly a historical city that is many faceted and great.

The Zsolnay factory is so ingrained in the culture of Pécs that there is an entire part of the city called the Zsolnay quarter, and this is where the festival will be held. It will be mostly open air and will host events all around the quarter of the city, so you may find yourself running from one interesting activity to the other! In order to finds out more, check their website, for a full list of content and events, and enjoy the beauty pof Pécs and the great Hungarian tradition that it has come to symbolize; porcelain!

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