Zöld Pardon Taking A breather

Zöld Pardon

There have been some rather malicious although understandable rumors about one of the clubs that made Budapest famous in the eyes of foreigners is going to close down. It has been opposed by locals in the past (common for old, crotchety Hungarians to oppose clubs, bars, and everything fun), and has been shut down more than once. So we understand where the rumors are coming from, but seriously, get of the rumor mill, guys. Zöld Pardon, or ZP to its fans is NOT CLOSING, not being remodelled, just taking a hiatus as the staff and organizers are too scattered right now to actually deal with an entire season’s worth of festivals, gigs, parties, and everyday mayhem that is the summer in Budapest.

About the club

Zöld Pardon is located near a massive University area, where several schools house students. These students are frequently unfamiliar with Budapest, and frequently do not have a place to go, so this place opened partially as a nod towards them, and partially to serve as a much needed rock and alternative music venue on the Danube that is open air, cheap, fun, and safe. The place became legendary instantly, as it filled a niche that was left gaping wide. Since then, as its popularity grew, the events become bolder, the place developed a group of regulars, all types of shows and gigs were held there, much to the dismay of the local (largely pensioner) population. After campaigning hard for years, they managed to have them leave the classic location they had, and go further out towards the Danube. Which they did, and it was a massive success.

zold pardon mindenkie Zöld Pardon Taking A breather

Official Facebook Page

This year

To prevent idiotic rumors from spreading, especially about such a contentious club, the owners reléeased a press statement in which they apologize to everyone for not being open, and tell them that they will not be open for their 15th season. After all, they had 14 good runs, want to take a breather and recoup, and do not want to do things half mast, and they will have a 16th season that will come with all guns blazing. And that is why the place will be closed this year, but next year they will be back, and they made statements saying they may return mid-season if they were up for it. It has been a pretty crazy 15 years, and this club did help define Budapest and the nightlife in this city, and I do hope they will be back soon.

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