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James Zabiela is finally coming to Hungary, and to make this event special, he is doing two gigs in the country,one in Pécs, and one in Budapest on the 4th and 5th of April! If you like house music and European techno that is not too hard, but rather soft and simply suited to the clubs, this is the event for you! A darling of the Ibiza club scene, and a Dj with several world tours under his belt, James Zabiela is definitely one of the house heavyweights of our era.

Two gigs in April

zabiela Zabiela Weekend

It is extraordinary to have two gigs on a tour by any outfit in Hungary, as the country is relatively small, and the population is not usually too keen on cultural events. That is why it is a great honour to have two gigs from such a remarkable musician and producer, and it is also a testament to the strength and popularity of the Hungarian club scene, which is gaining in popularity throughout the world, and top of the heap artists like Zabiela already know that playing here is a great joy; the party scene here is truly one of the craziest in the world!

The events

The first gig will be held on April 4th in Pécs, one of the biggest cities in Hungary, and a cultural capital of the Southwest. This event will be held on a Friday, and the inner city of Pécs is truly a sight to behold on a Friday night, beautifully lit and majestic and old. The city of Pécs is in considerably better condition than the rest of the country, and is in much better condition than Budapest, where most of the city was bombed extensively to absolute rubble in World War II. Pécs survived such a fate, and can therefore show so much more of Hungarian culture than Budapest, the capital can, as the old minarets and hammams if the Turkish occupation, as well as several old churches and beautiful architecture from the middle ages.

The Budapest event will be held in a new club called Kasino, and is a club that is associated with Dj Budai, an international hero of deep house, and this club is truly dedicated to the gene. The internal space is enormous, and it is in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Budapest. Both gigs are going to draw lots of people, and there will be a significant overlap between the two gigs, as many people are going to both gigs, and not catching too much sleep between them, either.

What to expect

Both gigs are pretty secretive as of right now, and there are no other headliners at all for either of the events, which means Zabiela will be playing some very long sets. Both gigs will be beginning at 11, and lasting until the early morning. As James Zabiela is the face of Pioneer, and is a hardware consultant and engineer, he is known to try out all sorts of effects and gizmos on large crowds at his gigs, and he is almost sure to use such electronic goodies to mess with the heads of all present at these two gigs.

If you are visiting Hungary for these two days, this would be an excellent time to go ahead and see two of the most beautiful cities in Hungary, and two such vastly different ones as Budapest and Pécs, in two very separate parts of the country, with very different customs and people, and tie it all in with seeing one of the biggest names in House music, a genre that Hungarians particularly love. You will get to see a lot of the student nightlife and culture in Pécs, and the more gritty, hard and heavy nightlife of Budapest as well, in some of the best clubs of the country. I can only recommend it, this for sure is going to be some quality entertainment for those who like to dance until the sun is well out and about!

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