World Heritage Sites in Budapest

World Heritage

Celebrating 40 years of World Heritage

The UNESCO World Heritage Convention was launched in 1972 as a global effort to preserve the world’s cultural and natural values. The listed World Heritage Sites are all considered to have a special significance, which is ensured by a strict criteria that the places should live up to.

Italy, China and Spain lead the World Heritage list. Altogether, there are about 1,000 sites on it, and Hungary is proud to provide 8 of them – it isn’t a low number, especially considering the size of our country! Seven of them are cultural sites while there is a natural one; but we should tell you, a pretty big part of Budapest is also present on the list!

underground Andrassy  World Heritage Sites in Budapest

The banks of the Danube through the inner city, the Castle District and the Andrássy Avenue are all enlisted within Budapest. It is a common agreement that these places are stunningly beautiful, but that wouldn’t have been enough to win such a title. However, they also represent the great historical periods of Hungary, and this has matched the criteria.

budapest panorama  World Heritage Sites in Budapest

Plenty of our wonderful sights are placed in this area, such as Budapest’s bridges, the Parliament, the Citadel, the Liberty Statue, the Gellért-hill, and the Buda Castle near the Danube, and the Heroes Square and the Museum of Fine Arts at the end of the Andrássy Avenue.

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