VOLT Festival – truly a music festival


This festival is truly worthy of the name; it is humongous, and is truly a music festival (not an electronic music festival, not a rock music festival or folk music festival, this covers it all), and it is first and foremost festive as all heck. There are tons of stages with all different kinds of music, but this festival usually focuses on getting all of the big live acts together in one place at one time, so your current favorites are almost sure to play, if you like any genre that is played on any radio station (I don’t think they have a noise stage, for example).

The beer is cheap, the crowd is varied, tons of foreigners, backpackers and of course locals from all around the country, the most popular bands on earth, what more do you need? Go to VOLT festival and get drunk, dance till you drop, and enjoy a festival that truly deserves the name ‘festive’! You’ll thank me later….

What: VOLT Music Festival
Where: Sopron, Hungary
When:  July 3-6  2013
Link: VOLT Festival

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