Total 90s Summer Party

Budapest Park

The 90s were a very special time for European pop music. The dance craze and techno and happy hardcore were jumping in the clubs, and in the early 90s the radio stations and musical tv stations, urged on by the success of MTV during the 80s, were playing catch up as more and more people were tuning in to the club culture. So the mass media created their own version of these danceable, minimalistic pop/techno hybrids, and thus the 90s Eurodance genre was born, and what a genre it was! Each country has their own, little known and totally trashy stars and starlets, and Hungary was no exception!

Time Travel

dobrady akos Total 90s Summer PartyThese times are now a part of pop music history, and are just beginning to be colored back to their bright orange and UV green glory with the brush of nostalgia. This is why the former producers and artists who made the genre so great decided to get back together and do a massive gig, like it was 96, with all the stars of those years on one stage. If you want to hear the greatest hits of one of the funniest genres ever, go to Budapest Park this saturday, and experience the cheesy hilarity that will ensue.

What: Total 90s Summer Party
Where: Budapest Park
When: June 29th
Link: More information

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