Tilos Marathon At The Durer Kert

Tilos Radio

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Tilos Rádio is the only countercultural radio to exist and get any significant airspace in any way whatsoever, and they are the only people who spin certain records in the entire country. They are the only non mainstream radio station in Hungary, period.
They have made many overtures towards facilitating and maintaining an underground culture in Hungary, with more or less success, and some very interesting and often scandalous results as well. While previously there was a headquarters for this cultural phenomenon, called the Kultiplex, since the closing down of the place a few years ago, there has been no real space for underground culture since then. Until 5 years ago, when the Dürer Kert opened.

tilos maraton durer kert Tilos Marathon At The Durer Kert
Between June 7th and 15th, these two forces combine, to bring you an ever interesting and varied event, involving slam poetry, music, noise and sound sculpture, and everything audio in general. All kinds of unpopular music are to be expected, from krautrock to grindcore, as long as they are not hosted anywhere else.

What: Tilos Radio Festival
Where: Durer Kert (Ajtosi Durer fasor 14)
When: 7-15 June 2013
Link: Facebook Event

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