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Where To See A Good Movie In Budapest

Művész Mozi

Sine if us just cannot stand the cold. Winter in Budapest is quite cold, the air is very dry, and the wind chill factor is significant. A lot of folks may want to spend some of their time indoors. The

Ancient History In Modern Times

Acient History

It might be difficult to measure how many essential things you’d be lacking if you lived in a non-English-speaking country. Well, if that country is Hungary, and the city is the capital, Budapest, you’ve got one less thing to worry



Illusions is the performance of the Budapest Secret Theater, and is coming to you as a part of a series called ‘Short and Sweet’. The idea behind Short and Sweet was to bring short plays to the audience, and the



It is amazing just how well the plays of Aristophanes have stood the test of time. Not only are they still played today, and by contemporary, modern theater troupes, but they have also kept their political and social relevance. A

Summer In O Buda 2013

Óbudai Nyár

All summer long, the thrid district, historically known as Ó Buda, will become the site of a cultural watershed of sorts. Music, food, games and of course a family friendly atmosphere will be awaiting those who venture into the third