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Zsolnay Festival in Pécs

Zsolnay Fesztivál és Egyetemi Napok

Hungary is known for having soil that has very high clay content, and is very rich in minerals because of the thermal waters that are underneath most of the country. In many places, the clay content is so great that

Fekete Zaj Festival ft. Atari Teenage


Have I got a treat for you! Do you like punk? Alternative, or indie? Do you enjoy noise? Than I have THE summer event in Budapest for you. Held in the Dürer kert (of course), the Fekete Zaj festival (Black

Balaton Sound Festival 2013

Balaton Sound 2013

The biggest electronic music festival in Hungary, and one of the best ones in the world, located on the shores of one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, the Hungarians ea, the Balaton. Since Hungary is landlocked, and

EFOTT 2013


EFOTT SINCE 1976 The EFOTT was the only festival for young people during communism. This is a meeting ground for university students, and has been for many decades, the acronym roughly translating to “national meeting of college and university students”.

Tilos Marathon At The Durer Kert

Tilos Radio

The underground culture is alive Tilos Rádio is the only countercultural radio to exist and get any significant airspace in any way whatsoever, and they are the only people who spin certain records in the entire country. They are the

VOLT Festival – truly a music festival


This festival is truly worthy of the name; it is humongous, and is truly a music festival (not an electronic music festival, not a rock music festival or folk music festival, this covers it all), and it is first and