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Where To See A Good Movie In Budapest

Művész Mozi

Sine if us just cannot stand the cold. Winter in Budapest is quite cold, the air is very dry, and the wind chill factor is significant. A lot of folks may want to spend some of their time indoors. The

Bosnian movie – Children of Sarajevo

Children Of Sarajevo

Starting this weekend, there will be a film showcasing Bosnian movies that deal with the unique topic of post war Bosnia; survival in a semi-European state as an orphan of the war. Wars always leave many orphans and broken families,

Ordeon Underground – Film Club

Örökmozgó Filmmúzeum

Odeon Underground Presents Hungary is known as being one of the least disability friendly places on Earth. This is a very fair and accurate assessment, as none of the most important places in the city of Budapest have any sort