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Zabiela Weekend


James Zabiela is finally coming to Hungary, and to make this event special, he is doing two gigs in the country,one in Pécs, and one in Budapest on the 4th and 5th of April! If you like house music and

Budapest In Pictures

Buda Castle

Sometimes a picture can speak more than a thousand words, and much of a city’s history can be learnt from looking at pictures of its youth and comparing them to the condition it is in today. Budapest is a city


Opera House

Christmas is unimaginable to many Europeans without the Nutcracker, and this includes Hungarians. It’s haunting music has become synonymous with Christmas, and even people who otherwise never go to a ballet or the theater are likely to have seen this

Budapest Timelapse

Lánchíd este

Beautiful Budapest This hypnotically beautiful video not only presents the major sights and the beauty of Budapest, but also gives us a feel of its everyday, busy life, day and night, across the year… Watching it leaves no doubt that

Review >> Night of Museums


Museums and exhibitions If you’re fond of museums and exhibitions, Budapest has an awesome festival to offer you every year around June: the Night of Museums Festival. But don’t think of crawling from one boring place to the other, on

Summer In O Buda 2013

Óbudai Nyár

All summer long, the thrid district, historically known as Ó Buda, will become the site of a cultural watershed of sorts. Music, food, games and of course a family friendly atmosphere will be awaiting those who venture into the third