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Színter Projekt

Budapest is a city that has a lot of empty, unused space. There have been massive migrations to other countries, and the birth rate has also been in steady decline, leaving many former shops and cultural spaces empty and derelict, under the supervision of the local council. These empty spaces have been the focus of many people’s attention, and one group of them has found a most intriguing way to use these spaces and to make the most out of the empty buildings and unused shop spaces. Meet the folks behind the Színtér project.

What is it?

The project is the brainchild of two already established but relatively new organizations, each with a special but overlapping mission that were both looking for a space to bring their missions to fruition. ONe was the project called CÓKMÓK, which dealt with specialty bags, backpacks and handbags that were made by artisans, and the idea was to sell the bags, but for every single bag sold, the proprietors would then go on and buy a bag or backpack for an orphan child in need, thus shouldering the expanses of school. The other was the Színtér project, which gave paper, tools and materials to children and adults who did not have access to them and help them to create works of art, and to express themselves.These two not quite charities and not quite businesses had a very hard time finding a space that was suited to their needs in the highly competitive city of Budapest.

szinter projekt window  The “Szintér” Project

Where is it?

These two organizations moved in together and started a shop in which products of both of them could be purchased, and the move had an even deeper meaning. Now the two organizations truly melded with each other and became one, under one address, in Vitkovics Mihály utca 3-5. The project was started on the 19th of September, and is currently one of the freshest creative projects in Budapest, along with being one of the most socially conscious ones as well.


If you are interested, the best thing to do is to go on over to Vitkovics MIhály utca and buy a bag or paint a picture, and ask for some help from one of the cool people working at the space. If you want to know more about the project and the specifics behind it, you can write them an e-mail at

If you would like to see some pictures of the space, you can go HERE!

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