Superbutt – Hungarian metal and hardcore


One of the most formative band sin the 2000’s Hungarian metal and hardcore scene was Superbutt. They had an interesting mix of Nu Metal together with everything else that was cool in the early 2000’s, and made something really unique that has not been made before. They are currently taking a break, and possibly splitting up, as personal paths no longer converge, and because you simply cannot make it as a band that tours mostly in Hungary.

As a tourist, this is your chance to see one of the formative bands take a last bow before finally ending their career. Although presumably only an indefinite hiatus has been announced, few people return from one of those, especially if they are rock stars with short attention spans.

The music of Superbutt is somewhere between the metalcore/hardcore of the early 200’s mixed with Nu Metal and a good, healthy dose of souther and stoner metal. Imagine a mixture of these  sounds, dished out in the typical Hungarian way, and you will get an idea of how this band sound slike.

The Akvárium, located in the heart of the city at Deák Square is the cultural capital of Budapest, a place where young people get together. It is also the meeting point of most people before they go on a  night out, as it is both culturally and geographically the heart of the city.

What: Superbutt Gig
Where: Akvarium Klub
When: May 31st 2013
Link: Superbutt at Akvarium

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