Sunshine Family Festival


It is rare for a family event to actually be a lot of fun and both be safe and enjoyable for children, but the Sunshine family festival is one of those. They knew that the trick is to not overdo it; they offer activities for toddlers and for bigger kids as well as giving the parents the opportunity to relax, but it is not mandatory! You can just hang out with your kids if you wish, or place them under supervision if you wish, and all of the rides and activities are safe but fun, involving water, slides and everything in between.

aquaworls nyari tabor Sunshine Family Festival


This event will be taking place this saturday and sunday, as well as for another weekend in August. The event will be hosted at Budapest Aquaworld, located in the northernmost 4th district. This is a huge water park, with 17 slides and a whole host of entertainment opportunities. After this cold spell that has been going about, I am sure many people will be happy to know that there are both indoor and outdoor pools at this fine establishment.

What: Aquaworld Sunshine Festival
Where: Aquaworld Budapest
When: June 29-30
Link: Aqua World

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