Summer In O Buda 2013

Óbudai Nyár

All summer long, the thrid district, historically known as Ó Buda, will become the site of a cultural watershed of sorts.

Music, food, games and of course a family friendly atmosphere will be awaiting those who venture into the third between the first of June and the 31st of August.

O Budai Summer

This is the name of the festival that is held every year, in an attempt to invite the folks of Budapest to spend more time in this marvelous district. One of the largest districts of Budapest, the third is basically a small city onto itself, complete with Roman ruins and amphitheater, historic beautiful old parts, hills and forests, spas and tons of places to catch a swim, an island in the Danube, a legal and free graffiti spot, and some of the best clubs in the city, and a considerable amount of post-soviet urban sprawl.

obudai nyar Summer In O Buda 2013


The activities will be open all day, where you can leave your kids and grab a drink, but many thing will be there for you to see as well. Old Hungarian blues musicians will be playing every night, but jazz music, folk music, and all sorts of wine related activities abound. Highly recommended.

What: O Buda Summer Festival
Where: Fo Ter, III district (there is a Fo ter in every district)
When: 06.01-08.31
Link:  Obudai Nyar

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