The Success Of Kiss Virág

Kiss Virág Bikini Modell

Hungarians have always held a position in the sports, and have dominated certain areas with an iron fist for decades. Football is markedly not one of them, as internationally we are known for being great in the 50s and now losing to pretty much every single team in the premier league. But while our football is getting worse and worse, other sports remain good, if only anyone would care about them. We rule at swimming, water polo and handball, for instance, winning several olympics and always having at least a silver medal in each of these fields, with a gold in water polo being pretty much guaranteed, which is ironic for a landlocked country.

Kiss Virag bikini modell

There are other areas where we excel, and Kiss Virág is an example of one of them, namely body building. Representing the lowest tier of body building, called bikini modelling, these models in this area are not so much known for being ripped, as for being aesthetically pleasing, for form, curves and being in top shape. Virág is not the first Hungarian to be a gold medalist in this field either, and this is mainly due to the fact that Hungarian girls are extremely beautiful from a  European perspective.

kiss virag arnold classic The Success Of Kiss Virág

Hungary has long been known for its beautiful women, and this is still the case, and Kiss Virág is the example. She has just recently won the Arnold classic sports festival in the bIkini modell category. This is quite an important event in body building, and is named after the most prominent body builder, the governator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Aside from bodybuilding, Virág is also enrolled in two universities at once, an international University, and the prestigious Pázmány Péter college, one of Hungary’s leading colleges for the humanities. She is studying to become a legal prosecutor, as this field is one where you can only be on top for so long; nobody wants to see a 50 year old bikini model. This way, she is a good example of responsible sportsmanship, of having backup plans and not assuming that you are going to win forever, a problem that even the most well paid and prestigious athletes make all the time. Good luck to Virág, and we hope she keeps on being the kind of role model that will stimulate a more responsible generation of athletes in Hungary!

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