Solid Snake – Witness the birth of a new genre!

Solid Snake - Landing Zone

Witness the birth of a new genre!

Through the fusion of progressive and psychedelic trance music that has become all the rage in the turn of the millenium onwards and the slow, relaxing beats of chill out and dub a new musical genre is being created by djs Anders Rosengren and Omar Chelly. The duo is from Malmö, Sweden and are the godfathers of a new way of looking at electronic music, calling their creation Technodelic.

The new genre already has followers amongst djs and promoters here in Budapest, and the well known underground crew of the Loading Zone collective have already immersed themselves in the genre, being fans of the late 90s psychedelic trance scene, and knowing the work of both of these djs previous to their forming this revolutionary duo.

The venue that will be hosting it is the famous Cha-Cha-Cha Cabrio, which is a semi-open air building on the wonderful Margaret island. The island is a historic place, and has a wondrous history, having changed names and owners many times. It is located between the Árpád and Margaret bridges in the Danube, and is a popular sports and leisure time get away place. The Cha-Cha-Cha is a good bar and venue, with a large dance hall, affordable drinks, tight security and a nice place to play table football.

The revolutionary pioneering duo will also be headed by local greats like Tsubi and Wegha, and Djane Katamii, all who work in genres close to and reflecting on the work of the new Technodelic.

So come on down if you feel like dancing all night long, and immerse yourself in the sound of the future face of the electronic music scene. Truly going to be a great evening!

What: Solid Snake feat. Tsubi, Wegha, and Djane Katamii
Where: Cha-Cha-Cha Cabrio (Margitsziget)
When: May 24 2013
Link: Landing Zone

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