Where To See A Good Movie In Budapest

Művész Mozi

Sine if us just cannot stand the cold. Winter in Budapest is quite cold, the air is very dry, and the wind chill factor is significant. A lot of folks may want to spend some of their time indoors. The perfect thing to do on a day that just cannot be tolerated outside: go and watch a movie in one of the many movie theaters in Budapest!

Where To Go?

There are two kinds of cinemas in Budapest. One is the kind that can be considered old school; a traditional establishment accessible from the street, with a few theaters, and an art house atmosphere, although screening pretty much every genre of film without pretension, from documentaries to summer hits to blockbusters and exclusive arthouse screenings, you can find it all in these establishments.

urania theater Where To See A Good Movie In Budapest

The other is the cinemas found inside malls and plazas, of the same kind that you can find all over the world. Screening mostly its and blockbusters, with different screenings each day, and being located near other really cool stores and attractions, these are the movie theaters that you can find in every metropolis in Europe.

But which one should YOU choose? Well that depends on what you are looking for, really. Here is a list of questions to ask that can help you decide.

What kind of movie do you want to see?

An old school movie theater may not have the exact movie you are looking for, if ti is a new movie or is just released. If the movie you want to see is older though, art house cinemas will be the only place where they will be screening them. Basically, if you want to see a movie that is outside of what we can safely describe as the current American mainstream, you should go to an art house cinema.

Is comfort an issue?

Many old art house theaters are not in the best shape. Perfectly comfortable and serviceable, but they may not have three flavors of nachos, and extra butter for your pop corn. If you are looking for that typical cinema experience,perhaps a multiplex will be a better option. I personally enjoy the wooden chairs with their velvet cushioning that you can only experience in a traditional, art house movie theater in Budapest, not to mention the fact that plaza movie theaters in Budapest do not sell alcohol,whereas many old cinemas still do.

toldi cinema Where To See A Good Movie In Budapest

Are crowds an issue?

Plaza cinemas can become quite a handful,especially if the movie just arrived. The theater may be packed, full of people who may be noisy and you may not be looking for them. Art house cinemas are certainly more discreet, but you may end up watching the movie with 5 other people in a large, mostly empty room.

How far are you willing to travel?

All of the art house cinemas are located in the inner city of Budapest,some in Buda, but most in Pest. Shopping malls are located all over the city, with each end having a few, and the inner city having a bunch too, so you can be sure there is one near you.

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