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If you’re fond of museums and exhibitions, Budapest has an awesome festival to offer you every year around June: the Night of Museums Festival. But don’t think of crawling from one boring place to the other, on the contrary! Imagine a city full of life: from viewing stars in the planetarium, to mass yoga in the City Park, including open-air jazz-classical-folk concerts, wandering in a torch-lit labyrinth, going literally underground and back in time when visiting the Secret Nuclear Bunker and Hospital, the list is endless on what to do in Budapest during this night, especially if the weather is in your favour…

Budapest night out

Ági reports her special Budapest night out: the Night of Museums started a bit late for us, as the queue before the Hospital in the Rock was quite long. No worries as a friend self-devotedly waited there, I went to check the Spy Museum out, and the other friend had a journey among galaxies during the star show, taking place in the Planetarium.

Oh, man! The Hospital worth the wait! No need for sci-fi or history films anymore, then and there we experienced it for ourselves. Where to go next? Choices were endless… In the meantime, we stopped to reflect on this difficult question, while listening to a random string-quartet in one of the squares of the Castle District. It was amazing!

The weather was very hot and buses were packed with people. All right, but what about the transportation and entrance fees, one might think. Well, I have good news for you. We could use all the public transportation of Budapest as well as the special festival buses which took us from one venue to the other; we could (have) enter(ed) all the programs from 6pm till 2am for only the price of one entrance fee (1500 HUF about 5 Euros for adults). That’s all about material stuff!

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This festival is not about quietly looking at paintings alone. Sometimes you have to fight your way through but believe me; you will regret it, if you don’t come! This over crowdedness was especially true in our next destination, in the Museum of Applied Arts. We saw French patisseries on the ground floor, Art Nouveau ceramics from Paris above it, took part in a quick French language course and saw the French flea-market with every kinds of retro and unique staff.

After dinner, we split up; boys went to the (amazing) Jewish Synagogue, getting acquainted with Jewish culture.  Girls went to see naked man (hell yes!) but among cultural frames, that is, in the Ludwig Museum, a contemporary modern art museum.  This was even better than I expected, it was hilarious, dramatic, emotional and very interesting at the same time.

If we were keen on inhaling the culture of Budapest day-time, we could have started earlier as many programs were taking place form the morning and/or were held next day as well.

Some must see places during the day/night:

For the list of the programs in Budapest during the time of the latest Night of Museums Festival:

Bad news is that you have to wait one year for the next Night of Museums. But see you there in the spring of 2014!

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