Random Trip

Random Trip

RandomTrip is about to celebrate its 5th birthday – providing us with a ‘quasi-tradition’ of amazing weekly live concerts of improvised music!

RandomTrip + A38

RandomTrip started off at Instant, the well-known ruin pub, but it soon grew out the simple walls, and instead started to crave for – well, a boat! This won’t sound surprising if you’re familiar with the nightlife of Budapest, ‘cause then you must know of A38, the boat-club with the best sound system even in Western European terms.

randomtrip Random Trip

Indeed, these concerts deserve the best, for the artists are also selected from the best Hungarian musicians. The music itself is 100% improvised on stage, driven by momentary impulsions. The artists’ talent is put to the test in different ways: they not only have to come up with great music out of the thin air, but they also have to be attuned to one another’s attitude. Hard task in real life, but much harder on stage! And even though everyone has a unique musical taste and background, they still end up playing amazing music in such an inspired and creative mood that swipes the audience off of its feet. Don’t miss out this random and truly liberating experience!

What: Random Trip
Where: A38
When: weekly, on Tuesdays
Link: Offical Facebook

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