Primitive Beats at A38!!!

Primitive Beats

If you are looking for a nice cozy atmosphere on a cold night to come, go no further! A relaxing experience will welcome on what has been dubbed the best club in the world by the Zagat survey of 2012, the A38 boat. This is a boat that it is permanently beached on the banks of the Danube. It is host to all sorts of musical escapades, and this one will be no exception.

This time around, downtempo and chill enthusiasts as well as techno heads will get their share of what they are looking for, with the emphasis being more on the laid back and heart warming tones. Two stages are going to be employed, one in the belly of the ship, and one on the main compartment. The visuals will be done by the legendary Souldust, so you can be sure that the entire boat will be transformed into a magical psychedelic wonderland.

primitive beats Primitive Beats at A38!!!

Musically, the local talent will represent itself extra hard on the main stage this weekend, so if you want to see what the cream of downtempo/chill out Djs in Hungary are lie, this is your opportunity. The very versatile Dj Tsubi will be spinning his always eclectic mix of records, followed by the Dj Naga, form the Hairy crew. After that the Italian master of chill Josko of Neurobiotic will be playing his signature brand of 120 BPM techno. Following closely will be Nuno Deconto of Microbiotic, and he will also be spinning some legendary, epic danceable techno.

The engine room will have local talent like Dj Katamii, the lady who has Budapest captivated with her psychedelic, progressive style and excellent delivery. Dj Wegha and Gorgo will be the other artists for that night, all of them playing downtempo psychedelic techno music, going into minimal and even touching lightly on the House genres.

The A38 boat is located near the Petőfi bridge, just a 5 minute walk from the Buda side 4 and 6 tram stop (Petőfi Híd Budai Hídfő).

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