Pole Dancing As A Sport

Pole Dance

Far from the seedy, smutty strip joints and the working girls associated with them, pole dancing has outgrown itself, and has become a sport. With many participants raising the bar ever higher with spectacular tricks, stunning feats of stamina and dexterity, the genre is evolving well past its initial, less glorious beginnings.

One of the places where this form of dance is quickly becoming a new form of aerobic is Hungary. Pirner Alma, a woman who made her debut into celebrity fame on the cover of Hustler magazine in 2002, has since then become a successful and savvy businesswoman, and has made a dance studio of her own, called the Dollhouse. This studio is now one of the world’s largest training centers for pole dancing as a sport. On her website, Alma claims that her method of pole dance is not only erotic, sexy and will completely amaze your partner, she also claims that this form of dance has many health benefits as well. Aside from the obvious body coordination and discipline that all forms of dance give to those their dancers, this is also the perfect way to tone your body. Think about it; you use all of your body, every single muscle is flexed, tightened or otherwise used in the process of dancing and swinging around the pole, not to mention the prostrations. Using your own body as a weight, certain aspects of it are basically like weightlifting.

pole dance Pole Dancing As A Sport

Alma also says that she welcomes members of both sexes, as this form of dance, although incredibly feminine, and associated with women, also can have health benefits for men as well, and her website also features images of men flexing on the pole, too. Nonetheless, this is mainly a feminine art, is especially helpful in rounding up and toning the parts of the body that women covet the most: the hips, butt, stomach and thighs. This being said, the arms and lower legs are also given an extensive workout, and body coordination and motion control are also improved upon greatly.

Hopefully this form of dance can divorce its humble beginnings in strip clubs and houses of ill repute, and grow on to become a recognized and much practiced sport. In order to do this, a petition has been started to recognize pole dancing as an olympic sport, and it received several thousand signatures. But it is still a few short of actually becoming one. Hopefully, in time for the next olympics, this dream will be realized, and the 2016 olympics will be made more interesting by pole dance competitions between attractive young people doing a seductive dance.

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