It is amazing just how well the plays of Aristophanes have stood the test of time. Not only are they still played today, and by contemporary, modern theater troupes, but they have also kept their political and social relevance. A tribute to this is how these plays are used by modern theater to present current social problems. Kind of a depressing thought, actually….

atrium film szinhaz PloutosWealth and Morality

The play Ploutos (which means ‘wealth’) is a political comedy, dealing with the subject of money, poverty, and income inequality. it also has at its center the play between morality and wealth, and suggests that even the most ascetic moralist will bend and abandon their moral universe if wealth comes into play. The play will be played in English, and will feature a multinational staff from all over the world. The director is none other than Antonios Vellerfontis.

Where To See It

The play, which will be performed by 7sins 7bridges theater group, will be performed in the Atrium Theater, a theater known for housing modern and abstract plays. It is one of the most sought after menus with one of the best cafeterias, and they serve amazing coffee. A must see for fans of modern theater, or for anyone interested in morality and its unchanging nature.

What: Aristophanes: Ploutos, directed by Antonios Vellerfontis
Where: Atrium Film-Szinhaz
When: June 24, 20:00
Link: More info

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