Pinball in Budapest

Pbal Gallery

Pinball is making its way back to the public eye, what with 90s nostalgia on the rise as the kids from the 80s get older. The funny thing is, pinball has never gone away, although it definitely did fall out of favor. Some people have been collecting pinball machines for decades, and one of them lives in Budapest. He decided on opening the first Pinball Museum in Hungary, and so far it has been a great success!

Pinball in Budapest

Budapest has always had a secret pinball culture. While it was full blown in the late 80s and early 90s, arcade games with “nice” interface and controls similar to console games were the death knell for pinball. Still, every bar had one until quite recently, and most people know how to play. For a few people though, pinball is a way of life. This is why any casino or arcade in Budapest will have a pinball machine, and usually one of the classic Bally-Midway ones, too, none of this modern plastic Stern brand nonsense, expect a good old fashioned Indiana Jones or Mars Attacks, perhaps a Monster Bash.

pinball museum Pinball in Budapest

But now the time of there being a pinball machine in every bar may be coming back and this museum is a good sign for pinball enthusiasts. I am definitely keeping my fingers crossed.

The specs

The Pinball Museum is located in Radnóti Miklós street, one of the typical small streets in the inner city. The museum is located in the bottom, underneath the street level in a labyrinthine maze of games. The Pinball Museum has over 130 models, from the earliest ones from the 50s all the way to the most recent releases. You can play with each one of them indefinitely if you buy a ticket to see the museum. The Pinball Museum in Budapest is not just a local record of sorts, it is an internationally acclaimed one of a kind space, with pinball fans from all over the world coming to visit the museum. The Pinball Museum has not been open for very long yet (it’s not even been a  year yet) but it is already making headlines and grabbing the attention of the people whose attention it sought to grab. The space is open from 4 pm to midnight, and as there are considerable crowds there that come to play and hang out, it is worth it to get there either early, or after 10 pm. Here is the Facebook page in case you want more information: Official Facebook Page  

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