Peculiar Hungarians

Humble Hungary

Hungary is a weird country in all the good (and possibly some of the bad) senses of the word.

Hungary is small, its population is low, and it lacks the national emblems, colors, symbols or pride that other countries can be proud about. On the other hand, Hungarians are logical, even if it makes them go against much of the foreign practices: they use their first and last names in a reversed order and they write the dates in a descending order. But being smart got them much further than this: many important inventions come from Hungary, and 12 Nobel prizes praise its people’s contribution to sciences. And since we’re at prizes, we should mention the countless medals that they’ve won in the Olympics, regardless of the relatively small size of their nation.

The Hungarian language

The Hungarian language is well-known for being outstandingly unique, beautiful and hard to learn. To mention but a few exciting info, it has two otherwise unknown letters, “ő” and “ű”; it differentiates between some colours on a cultural basis rather than a sensory one; and it is a language that is spoken as a mother tongue for almost as many people outside of the country than inside. Also, it must be the only national language whose origin has been “reinvented” by the communists during the second part of the 20th century, but this tiny issue remained forgotten and it is still taught in schools as if that version was ever true.

infographic Peculiar Hungarians


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