The Christmas Concert

Christmas Tree

You are likely to find a holiday concert series in any town you go to in Europe that has a medieval legacy, and Budapest is no exception. What is so special about the Christmas concert in Budapest? Everything: the venue,

Ice Skating Rinks In Budapest

Ice Skating - Family

During the winter, many ice skating rinks open up in Budapest, most of them (but not all of course) outdoors. This is a family friendly activity that attracts many different kinds of people, including families,youngsters, couples, and of course, kids

Gay Bars In Budapest

Gay Pride Flag

Although Budapest is not known for its gay nightlife, and homosexuality is still a very taboo subject in mainstream society, there is a gay community, and there are places that are specifically geared towards homosexuals, they are just not talked

Peculiar Hungarians

Humble Hungary Hungary is a weird country in all the good (and possibly some of the bad) senses of the word. Hungary is small, its population is low, and it lacks the national emblems, colors, symbols or pride that other

Ancient History In Modern Times

Acient History

It might be difficult to measure how many essential things you’d be lacking if you lived in a non-English-speaking country. Well, if that country is Hungary, and the city is the capital, Budapest, you’ve got one less thing to worry

Hibernation – Winter is Coming

Budapest Autumn

Fall has fallen, as did most of the leaves by now, cold winds blow over the dark grey streets, and there’s no sunshine even in those few hours when it’s supposed to be – it is November, and winter is coming.

Pole Dancing As A Sport

Pole Dance

Far from the seedy, smutty strip joints and the working girls associated with them, pole dancing has outgrown itself, and has become a sport. With many participants raising the bar ever higher with spectacular tricks, stunning feats of stamina and

The Sparty of your life

Széchenyi Spa

Spas & baths As you started wondering about what to do in Budapest, you must have encountered some unbelievable info about the spas and baths of the city. They’re as popular as you can expect of something that exists for

The Best European Party City

Purple Travel Blog

The Purpletravel blog released a list of the best European cities in terms of partying, and we’re surprised but proud to announce Budapest as the winner party city in Europe! We didn’t only defeat every major European city, but such

15+1 Reasons For Staying At Budapest


1. Chicken Paprikash / Hungarian Cuisine Hungarian cuisine is acknowledged for a reason. You may not visit the city just because of the great food, but you shouldn’t miss it once you’re there! Chicken Paprikash is a typical Hungarian dish

The Murder Exhibit


Fans of the morbid and macabre, as well as fans of mystery and disciples of the forensic arts and of criminology will all find a very interesting exhibit at the Üvegpalota at Vörösmarty square in Budapest. This place has become

Budapest – The Second Top City of the World!

Buda Castle

American survey reveals Budapest’s values Engage in a Budapest sightseeing! That’s right, the beautiful Budapest seems to have won that title – at least according to Condé Nast Traveler, a leading American travel magazine! Condé Nast Traveler has 1,3 million

Random Trip

Random Trip

RandomTrip is about to celebrate its 5th birthday – providing us with a ‘quasi-tradition’ of amazing weekly live concerts of improvised music! RandomTrip + A38 RandomTrip started off at Instant, the well-known ruin pub, but it soon grew out the

The Art Project

Museum of Applied Art

Hungary joined The Art Project Visit virtually the Museum of Applied Arts! The Art Project by Google’s Cultural Institute is an initiation that never seemed possible before, although it has been dreamed of since the very beginnings of art, culture