Deepfields Polarize

Szoba Studio

Deepfields is an event that is hoping to become a series of events. It is an understanding and response to the new trends in electronic music today. It is a transcending of narrow and inhospitable genres to reach an amalgamation

Alparé- The Eastern White Trash Party

Bikini Beach

A celebration of all things common and trashy, a nirvana of known songs, the exact opposite of elitism- this is what Alpáré is all about. This night will be dedicated to the lovers of good bad music, from all types

Understanding The “New Mobility”

Menjek Maradjak

Hungary, like most Central and Eastern European countries, is experiencing some rather alarming demographic trends. The birth rate in these countries is extremely low, lower even than in the rest of Europe, and large percent of the population is elderly.

Caving Under Budapest

Caving Under Budapest

When it comes to nature tourism, and outdoorsy activities, Hungary is frequently not one of the places that gets mentioned. This is a shame, as we have some real natural wonders waiting for those willing to explore them! Being a

The Success Of Kiss Virág

Kiss Virág Bikini Modell

Hungarians have always held a position in the sports, and have dominated certain areas with an iron fist for decades. Football is markedly not one of them, as internationally we are known for being great in the 50s and now

Budapest In Pictures

Buda Castle

Sometimes a picture can speak more than a thousand words, and much of a city’s history can be learnt from looking at pictures of its youth and comparing them to the condition it is in today. Budapest is a city

Farsang – The Hungarian Carnival


Every Catholic country has carnival, the celebration before the fast during Lent. Usually these celebrations are known for looseness and relaxation of morals, coupled with feasting, drinking and a regular old bacchanalia, before the long weeks of piety and work

Deepfields Returns!

Szoba Studio

Electronic music is growing beyond easily categorizable genres into events where the event, ambience of the given place and the collective who make it are just as much a part of the musical experience as the set the Dj is

Labirhythm #1 – PsiloCybian – Live (HR)


A new era of trance music and psychedelic culture is unfolding in Hungary. The famous OZORA festival has now gained some international renown, and many of the crews and organizers here are known throughout the worlds, especially amongst musicians, particularly

What Is A ‘Cukraszda’?


Cultural institutions are not the same from country to country. Take a pub, for instance. A pub is a pub, different from any other establishments, with its own rules and mores, and you can only really call your establishment a

The Last Voyage Of The A38

A38 - Hamm

One of the greatest clubs in Budapest’s dazzling history of nightlife establishments is no more, and entire city weeps. This club was located on a ship, a smaller battleship that was converted into a restaurant, café and two awesome stages.

Traditional Hungarian Christmas Dinners


Every country has different traditional foods that they imagine are globally the menu for any family who celebrates Christmas. And then we are all surprised when it turns out that they are nothing alike in any any way shape or


Opera House

Christmas is unimaginable to many Europeans without the Nutcracker, and this includes Hungarians. It’s haunting music has become synonymous with Christmas, and even people who otherwise never go to a ballet or the theater are likely to have seen this

Where To See A Good Movie In Budapest

Művész Mozi

Sine if us just cannot stand the cold. Winter in Budapest is quite cold, the air is very dry, and the wind chill factor is significant. A lot of folks may want to spend some of their time indoors. The