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BAR 72 Open Air


Ever wondered what an open air chilled out techno party was like? Do you like lounge music but do not want to be in a lounge this weekend? Just your luck as today is the day of the second BAR

Budapest Essentials

Budapest Essentials

The first Budapest Essentials festival, taking place between 27 May and 1 June, is the celebration of the Budapest of today and the improvements of the recent past. The aim of the event is to emphasize the city’s many positives, to put

Zöld Pardon Taking A breather

Zöld Pardon

There have been some rather malicious although understandable rumors about one of the clubs that made Budapest famous in the eyes of foreigners is going to close down. It has been opposed by locals in the past (common for old,

Back To The 80s Old School Hip Hop Party

Mika Tivadar Mulató

This is one of those parties that started off as a one time event and got so hugely popular that now people are bringing it back for round two. This will be a Dj event, where two lads who are

Zabiela Weekend


James Zabiela is finally coming to Hungary, and to make this event special, he is doing two gigs in the country,one in Pécs, and one in Budapest on the 4th and 5th of April! If you like house music and

Deepfields Polarize

Szoba Studio

Deepfields is an event that is hoping to become a series of events. It is an understanding and response to the new trends in electronic music today. It is a transcending of narrow and inhospitable genres to reach an amalgamation

Alparé- The Eastern White Trash Party

Bikini Beach

A celebration of all things common and trashy, a nirvana of known songs, the exact opposite of elitism- this is what Alpáré is all about. This night will be dedicated to the lovers of good bad music, from all types

Deepfields Returns!

Szoba Studio

Electronic music is growing beyond easily categorizable genres into events where the event, ambience of the given place and the collective who make it are just as much a part of the musical experience as the set the Dj is

Labirhythm #1 – PsiloCybian – Live (HR)


A new era of trance music and psychedelic culture is unfolding in Hungary. The famous OZORA festival has now gained some international renown, and many of the crews and organizers here are known throughout the worlds, especially amongst musicians, particularly

Random Trip

Random Trip

RandomTrip is about to celebrate its 5th birthday – providing us with a ‘quasi-tradition’ of amazing weekly live concerts of improvised music! RandomTrip + A38 RandomTrip started off at Instant, the well-known ruin pub, but it soon grew out the

Primitive Beats at A38!!!

Primitive Beats

If you are looking for a nice cozy atmosphere on a cold night to come, go no further! A relaxing experience will welcome on what has been dubbed the best club in the world by the Zagat survey of 2012,

Bacardi Party Patrol!


Experience a crass, dirty, typical Hungarian party! Some of the country’s favorite singers will be playing, and the prices will be extremely down to earth! If you don’t care about the Djs and the music, you just wanna dance, get

Club des Belugas


The increasingly popular Jazzy Festival presents the German Club des Belugas, which is considered to be one of the leading European Nujazz projects. The intensely creative musicians combine elements of Nujazz, Lounge, Brazil Beats, Swing and Soul styles to achieve



Jazzy Festival It is only the 3rd year that Jazzy Festival is organized in one of Budapest’s cultural centres, but it already seems likely to become a tradition along the way, judging from its incredible success and popularity so far.