Museum Garden & Lounge


Garden&lounge in a museum, what the…?? Well, actually this is not inside our National Museum but in the huge and beautiful garden of it.

A museum has never been so colourful before

I know the weather is not the best at the moment for an open-air party but as rain and wind passes by, the awesome festival-feeling remains with great programmes: blues, swing, popular music and jazz concerts in the evenings, parties, exhibitions, a bistro, an open-air cinema, a reading grove, gastronomical days and many other events.

The opening party was last weekend, so Museum Garden&Lounge became the newest cultural venue in Budapest. It aims to provide quality culture of high standards for the audience. In addition, you can get acquainted with some talented and creative Hungarian youngsters who also contribute to the speciality of this venue with their self-devised artistic installations.

What’s on?

Concerts are on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays. Next performers on this weekend will be respectively the Vegas Show Band, the Living Blues Session and the Sunday Session-Ambient DJ.

Next weekend is the “Cookshop Festival” with The Bits; the Jazz, Sansons, Melodistic Duo and the Day of the Hungarian Song Festival.

Get ready for great culture from Mon-Sun 10-22!

muzeum kert Museum Garden & Lounge

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