The Murder Exhibit


Fans of the morbid and macabre, as well as fans of mystery and disciples of the forensic arts and of criminology will all find a very interesting exhibit at the Üvegpalota at Vörösmarty square in Budapest. This place has become the home of the Murder exhibit, and has been since November of 2012.

The exhibit deals with gruesome trail of bodies left behind by idealized psychopaths like Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer and the rest, and the intense police work that eventually lead to the institutionalization of these delinquents.

The exhibit is unique in that it uses different sorts of media to convey the realities of serial killers and the men and women who work tirelessly to stop them. Aside from the usual exhibit with informational statues and rooms that replicate crime scenes, there are also 3D components and lots of film and original footage from investigations as well.

The aim of this exhibit is not to gawk at the misery of others, and is in no way meant to glorify the murderers responsible for the existence of this exhibit. It is meant to show you the human side of the murderers, and the tragic lives and childhood abuse that made them the scarred, emotionally crippled people that they became. It is a call to look around and prevent child abuse and emotional or physical bullying, and asks you to look around in your own household and see if you are unwittingly contributing to the making of a monster.

murder exibit The Murder Exhibit

The Üvegpalota or glass palace can be found in Vörösmarty square, in the 5th district. The terminal stop of Metro line 1 is the place for this event, but the event is also just a stones throw from Deák tér, the physical and cultural center of Budapest.

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