A play and interpretive dance work by Klari Pataky

Klári Pataky Társulat

A good chance to get to know Hungarian culture through the wonder of interpretive dance.

A very good expose of the dark and twisted Hungarian humor, mixed with the melancholy, beauty and wit that has characterised Hungarians in many a joke and stereotype. Beautiful choreography, and not just people running about either, this is a play, but uses dance instead of music.

An extra plus point is that the entire performance is centered around the songs of the late and great Katalin Karády, an influential diva of great musical and cinematic talent, and who is one of the most famous performers of the bygone years. She died in 1990, right after releasing her third album.

The opening sequence is a birth theme, with the dancers and performers coming out of coffins, which they return to at the end of the play. Throughout the play, the themes common in life are sequenced; desire, love and the quest for happiness. The play was made by up and coming Hungarian playwright Klári Pataky, and after this show, I bet more and more people will be keeping their eyes on her. The great thing about this play is that it takes the Hungarian feelings for life, and a typically local divas music and transforms it into something that everyone can consume and watch and understand, and it is very rare for such a thing to happen. We Hungarians are very lucky to have Ms Pataky, and may we see more of her.

What: A play and interpretive dance work by Klari Pataky
Where: Atrium Film-Theater
When: May 24th-31st. 2013
Link: Pataky Klari Tarsulat

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