Lollipop Factory Birthday Party – Fashion Store

Lollipop Factory

The Lollipop Factory is a fashion store in Budapest.

They have been making rare, vintage and one of a kind things to wear such as t-shirts, skirts and sweaters too. They make awesome leggings and other retro and hipster accessories as well. They are also a creative workspace and a gathering for contemporary artists to do their art and try and make a little dough out of it, too. Now, this collective, their store and their general Budapest based shcennanigans have just turned 10 years old! This is a big deal, because unlike New York or London, to have something going in Budapest for 10 years means you have a LOT of work into something and have stood behind your work with the utmost of dedication. Alternative and fringe cultural attempts always die within 2-3 years in this city, and to see an alternative, artsy workspace and shop be 10 years old is truly a marcel! Hats off to the Lollipop factory!

Their tenth birthday is going to be nothing fancy. Just a street fare, no stalls, no boutiques, just a good old fashioned things on the street for cheap prices sort of affair. There will be models and music as well, but without any of the pomp and pretensions of a real fashion show.

This will be street fashion, pure and simple.

What: Lollipop Factory 10th Birthday Party
Where: Magyar Utca 38 Budapest
When: June 8th 2013
Link: Lollipop Factory

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