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The Sparty of your life

Széchenyi Spa

Spas & baths As you started wondering about what to do in Budapest, you must have encountered some unbelievable info about the spas and baths of the city. They’re as popular as you can expect of something that exists for

The Best European Party City

Purple Travel Blog

The Purpletravel blog released a list of the best European cities in terms of partying, and we’re surprised but proud to announce Budapest as the winner party city in Europe! We didn’t only defeat every major European city, but such

15+1 Reasons For Staying At Budapest


1. Chicken Paprikash / Hungarian Cuisine Hungarian cuisine is acknowledged for a reason. You may not visit the city just because of the great food, but you shouldn’t miss it once you’re there! Chicken Paprikash is a typical Hungarian dish

Budapest – The Second Top City of the World!

Buda Castle

American survey reveals Budapest’s values Engage in a Budapest sightseeing! That’s right, the beautiful Budapest seems to have won that title – at least according to Condé Nast Traveler, a leading American travel magazine! Condé Nast Traveler has 1,3 million

Budapest Timelapse

Lánchíd este

Beautiful Budapest This hypnotically beautiful video not only presents the major sights and the beauty of Budapest, but also gives us a feel of its everyday, busy life, day and night, across the year… Watching it leaves no doubt that

Night Amusement


For this Budapest night out you should awaken your inner childish ego or if you haven’t grown up yet, even better. I recommend you to visit the Amusement Park, while you can. Unfortunately it closes its gates soon, but until

Sunshine Family Festival


It is rare for a family event to actually be a lot of fun and both be safe and enjoyable for children, but the Sunshine family festival is one of those. They knew that the trick is to not overdo it;

Lollipop Factory Birthday Party – Fashion Store

Lollipop Factory

The Lollipop Factory is a fashion store in Budapest. They have been making rare, vintage and one of a kind things to wear such as t-shirts, skirts and sweaters too. They make awesome leggings and other retro and hipster accessories