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Artificial Beaches

BVK Holding Budapesti Városüzemeltetési Központ Zrt

Hungary is a landlocked country, and while there are several larger lakes that are perfectly fine for swimming, most cities only encounter the tainted waters of the Danube or the Tisza, both thoroughly unfit for swimming because of industrialization. Although

Pinball in Budapest

Pbal Gallery

Pinball is making its way back to the public eye, what with 90s nostalgia on the rise as the kids from the 80s get older. The funny thing is, pinball has never gone away, although it definitely did fall out

Zsolnay Festival in Pécs

Zsolnay Fesztivál és Egyetemi Napok

Hungary is known for having soil that has very high clay content, and is very rich in minerals because of the thermal waters that are underneath most of the country. In many places, the clay content is so great that

Family Festival At CsaládÜnnep

Millenáris Logó

Hungary truly is the land of festivals. They begin already in March,m and last all through the year, with a marked increase in the spring and summer months, with only January and February being free from events, to give a

Understanding The “New Mobility”

Menjek Maradjak

Hungary, like most Central and Eastern European countries, is experiencing some rather alarming demographic trends. The birth rate in these countries is extremely low, lower even than in the rest of Europe, and large percent of the population is elderly.

Caving Under Budapest

Caving Under Budapest

When it comes to nature tourism, and outdoorsy activities, Hungary is frequently not one of the places that gets mentioned. This is a shame, as we have some real natural wonders waiting for those willing to explore them! Being a

The Success Of Kiss Virág

Kiss Virág Bikini Modell

Hungarians have always held a position in the sports, and have dominated certain areas with an iron fist for decades. Football is markedly not one of them, as internationally we are known for being great in the 50s and now

What Is A ‘Cukraszda’?


Cultural institutions are not the same from country to country. Take a pub, for instance. A pub is a pub, different from any other establishments, with its own rules and mores, and you can only really call your establishment a

The Last Voyage Of The A38

A38 - Hamm

One of the greatest clubs in Budapest’s dazzling history of nightlife establishments is no more, and entire city weeps. This club was located on a ship, a smaller battleship that was converted into a restaurant, café and two awesome stages.

Traditional Hungarian Christmas Dinners


Every country has different traditional foods that they imagine are globally the menu for any family who celebrates Christmas. And then we are all surprised when it turns out that they are nothing alike in any any way shape or

Ice Skating Rinks In Budapest

Ice Skating - Family

During the winter, many ice skating rinks open up in Budapest, most of them (but not all of course) outdoors. This is a family friendly activity that attracts many different kinds of people, including families,youngsters, couples, and of course, kids

Peculiar Hungarians

Humble Hungary Hungary is a weird country in all the good (and possibly some of the bad) senses of the word. Hungary is small, its population is low, and it lacks the national emblems, colors, symbols or pride that other

Hibernation – Winter is Coming

Budapest Autumn

Fall has fallen, as did most of the leaves by now, cold winds blow over the dark grey streets, and there’s no sunshine even in those few hours when it’s supposed to be – it is November, and winter is coming.

Pole Dancing As A Sport

Pole Dance

Far from the seedy, smutty strip joints and the working girls associated with them, pole dancing has outgrown itself, and has become a sport. With many participants raising the bar ever higher with spectacular tricks, stunning feats of stamina and