Let’s celebrate Hungarian music together!


This is the 6th year, when the Day of the Hungarian Song is being organised. Firstly, it was a massive 7-hour-long concert on the -1st Day in Sziget Festival and since then it is being organised always on the 2nd Sunday of September in many different spots with many different types of music.

A great many music on a great many places

Take part in the festival in 10 different cities in the countryside or in any of the 14 venues in Budapest. Each stage is to represent a certain type of music: alternative, rock, jazz, classic, blues, hip-hop, folk music, pop (with many other), but you can also see musicals as well as join a parade. Simply discover which is your stage and get wasted there!

To name but a few…

Jazz lovers should visit Akvarium Club in the heart of the city. For electronic music, go to Blokk Creative Centre (or more well-known by the name Durer Kert near the City Park). If you aspire for some rock or metal, you should check out Rocktogon, near Octogon. Interestingly enough, the Budapest Jazz Club hosts pop, folk and world music now. Museum Garden with their Lyrics Stage offers a quite varied programme with pop, rock and blues concerts.

dal nap Let’s celebrate Hungarian music together!

If you’re not in Budapest, don’t forget to check the Day of the Hungarian Song with awesome programmes in other cities like Tata, Eger, Szombathely or in the “capital” of the festival, Békéscsaba, where the festival lasts for 3 days! I guess you can image now that Hungarian music is really worth celebrating!

What: Day of the Hungarian Song
Where: different venues
When: 8th September
Link:Magyar dal napja or Facebook

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