The Last Voyage Of The A38

A38 - Hamm

One of the greatest clubs in Budapest’s dazzling history of nightlife establishments is no more, and entire city weeps. This club was located on a ship, a smaller battleship that was converted into a restaurant, café and two awesome stages. This ship, the A38, was nothing short of spectacular, and hosted the best gigs during its run on the open seas of the Danube, but now, instead of a watery grave, the ship has been decommissioned, and sent to its final resting place in a hangar in Esztergom, the northernmost Hungarian city, to be renovated, and if found suitable, brought back to us.

I myself saw many shows and events at this fabulous venue, and had the honor of playing on its stage once. It was a venue where you could see famous bands of all calibers play, and uniquely in Budapest, the place sounded extremely good, with great acoustics, top tier PA systems, and of course, great sound guys that you could rely on to add to your sound, not take away from it. Unsurprisingly, this was the favored club of musicians worldwide, and a scramble was always up to get a date at this club for a tour. Jazz, classical, pop, rock, hip hop and even metal gigs were held here, not to mention raves and disco nights as well, because the sounds was just so diverse and the staff so well trained, they could pull all of it off. It was voted best club in the world in the 2012 Zagat survey as well. But like all good things in Hungary, this place too needed to shut down because bureaucrats do not like fun, although the shutdown is only, God willing, temporary.

a38 pull The Last Voyage Of The A38

The towing away of a massive ship is not an easy thing, and the last voyage, done mostly on land, of the A38 boat was very well documented, as it was a spectacle to behold.

But wait a second, this is not a eulogy! The boat will be back shortly, and it is only gone for a month or so! You see boats have to have their hulls checked every 4 years to see if they are not in any danger of sinking and that they will have no problems staying afloat. The ship will be back, but until then, there are many other places to go and see what’s popping in the city!

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