Labirhythm #1 – PsiloCybian – Live (HR)


A new era of trance music and psychedelic culture is unfolding in Hungary. The famous OZORA festival has now gained some international renown, and many of the crews and organizers here are known throughout the worlds, especially amongst musicians, particularly those interested in goa, trance and psy. Reflecting on this and with the aim of giving this newly unfolding culture space to grow and realize itself, Labirhythm was born. Labirhythm is a series of events, raves if you will, with the aim of building the human psyche and of shining positive light into these dark times, with the further aim of popularizing trance and goa even further.

labirhythm Labirhythm #1   PsiloCybian   Live (HR)

The first round of Labirhythm will be held at Showbarlang, which is located in an old abandoned slaughterhouse that has been recently converted into a series of clubs and dance halls. This place is vibrant and full of life, yet is secluded enough to give space for meditation and to give the populace a chance to turn inwards while still remaining in an urban setting. The first ever Labirhythm will have a guest Dj as well, none other than PsiloCybian from Croatia, a long time friend and ally of the newly growing Hungarian scene. He will be joined by the hottest of Djs of this new breed, by Wegha, Gorgo and a back to back psy invasion hosted by Dr. Space and Tsubi! PsiloCybian will be performing a live set during this event, so if you come by, you can witness history in the making! A more detailed description of the artists is below:

Wegha: This man is one of the mainstays of any psychedelic event in Budapest. He has been on the scene since about 1994, and has a reputation as somewhat of a clown and is known for being quite destructive at times. On the other hand, he is a master Dj and knows his sets like the backs of his hands.

Gorgo: Another veteran who has been going to gigs since 1996, this lone act is known for his old school feel and new school mentality, and is hailed as one of the pioneers of the newly unfolding Hungarian psychedelic community.

DrSpace & Tsubi: Two quite different minds unite to bring you a psychedelic experience that reaches beyond genre limitations and physical reality; here the clash between space ambient and goa trance, and experience the tranquility, joy and depth that the merging of these two separate but much related worlds unite to bring something stronger than each of the halves making it up.

What: Labirhythm#1 – PsiloCybian – Live (HR)
Where: Showbarlang
When: 25 January, 2014 10pm – 7am
Link: More information

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