Koffin Kats – One of the mainstays of the psychobilly genre

Koffin Kats

One of the mainstays of the psychobilly genre

Koffin Kats are a Detroit based band with a purpose. That purpose is to stay on tour until they die, and so far, they have been doing a great job in completing this goal. Their tour started in 2007, and has been going until the present day, only stopping every once in a while to record albums and work on new materials, but even that is done while on tour. This is their second time in Budapest, and this time around, they are coming back as part of a 90 day tour of Europe.

Throwing in plenty of punk rock with their rockabilly, and having a real, down to earth hardcore ethic behind playing and touring, these guys are pretty much the definition of fun loving musicians, and with so much touring, you can be sure that you will be getting music from the heart, played for love and not for cash.

The supporting bands will be Hungary’s finest rockabilly bands, one of them relatively new but with seasoned musicians and a great sound called The Killing Screens. The other band has already found some degree of international renown, having toured in Europe, they are none other than the Silver Shine. Known for their crazy on stage antics and creepy atmosphere, they are sure to bring some new and much anticipated excitement into the Rockabilly scene.

The show will take place at the winner of the best club on earth award for 2012, the A38 ship. Truly a magnificent venue with great staff, excellent sound and a bar that is known across the world, this will be the time to don your high heels and dance like there is no tomorrow.

What: Koffin Kats, Silver Shine and The Killing Screens
Where: A38
When: June 1 2013
Link: Koffin Kats Live @ A38

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