Interpretive Dance Festival


Budapest is one of the main hubs for modern art. The best place for photography and visual mediums, Budapest is also an important cultural as well as physical bridge for the art world. This is where Prague, Vienna and the Balkans meet stylistically, and as such, many new forms of art have a big following and plenty of spaces to explore their new ideas. One facet of these art forms is interpretive dance, and the Budapest dance festival is focused mostly on this amazing and often overlooked art form.

Budapest dance festival

As you read these lines, the festival rages on. It started on the 22nd of April, and will last until the 29th. Dancers and dance troupes from all over the world will be lining up and have prepared their best pieces for this most prestigious event. Even though us mere mortals do not hear about it, there is a world wide interpretive dance alliance, and the Budapest festival has a name as one of the premier places to perform your work.

tanc fesztival Interpretive Dance Festival

The venue

The venue is one of the most stunning art spaces in the world, the Palace of the Arts, (or Művészetek Palotája), which is a newly built art and cultural complex. It is several buildings with a garden attached to it and several statues in the gardens. The space is used for exhibits, plays, dance routines, music, and as a venue for pretty much any artistic endeavour. The many rooms house many different kinds of rooms with different acoustics, lighting and seats, and all of them are absolutely magnificent. The Hungarian Palace Of The Arts is also rife with kids activities, and many of the rooms are super interesting and fun for kids. The space is worth a visit even if there is nothing going on in it, and now that an amazing international interpretive dance festival is being held, it is the place to be this week for any art aficionado visiting Budapest, or anywhere in Hungary or the nearby.

The festival also has kid friendly stuff to do, ands many children’s programs so that the whole family can come along and enjoy the show. The different dance shows will start in the pre-noon hours and will last until well after 10 PM. For a full list of performers and pieces, go and visit the website of the Palace Of The Arts here.

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