Are you looking for something special in the nightlife of Budapest?

You like parties but aspire for something more? Does the term “ruin bar” ring a bell? In any case, you’d better not miss Instant, an instant program in a Budapest night out.

So what’s this place?

Take an apartment block, 23 rooms, 6 bars, 2 open gardens, 3 discos on 2 floors, a bunch of students from the Uni of Applied Arts focusing on the design of this club, exhibitions, FREE entrance every day and mix all these in a combination that if you wonder what to do in Budapest, the answer will instantly include Instant.

The theme of Instant is a magic forest: so don’t be surprised if you see running rabbits, flying bats and a car driving wild bear above your head while you dance, talk, drink or just get lost in the special atmosphere of this ruin bar.

Not in the mood for the crowd?

You can establish your own little corner within the party, just make sure to discover the place thoroughly, and conquer your special hidden area.

instant night Instant

If you cannot stop smoking even for a few minutes, this is the place for you too, just look for the yellow lines.

The prices are quite good; the four-year-old Instant is easily accessible, in the heart of the nightlife of Budapest, at 38. Nagymező street, often packed with 20-40 years old people wanting to have a good time here. Besides partying, boys could go for table football, while girls relax in the inside café.

Partying hard, drinking hard, talking hard… you can find all these in this Budapest club. What are you waiting for? Now you have an Instant thing to do in Budapest.

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