Jazzy Festival

It is only the 3rd year that Jazzy Festival is organized in one of Budapest’s cultural centres, but it already seems likely to become a tradition along the way, judging from its incredible success and popularity so far. The festival is sponsored by the Hungarian Jazzy Radio, whose cultural agenda is to introduce the joys of jazz to the wider audience. And how could it be better than listening in live?  The two-day long festival features major international artists of world-wide fame, such as the British Incognito and the German Club des Belugas.

Namely, Incognito

Incognito, the acid jazz band approaches its 35th birthday, as it has been formed in 1979. While that is not at all an old age in terms of human life, it is incredible for a band to survive for that long – and Incognito is far from surviving, it still thrives! The band released its 15th album last year, in 2012, and shortly we’ll get to admire its virtuosity in live. The heart and soul of the band is Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick, but aside from him, the name is quite fitting – Incognito had innumerable members, and regardless of how talented they are, it would be impossible to name them all.  So let them stay incognito, and instead of listing them, just delve into the pleasures of their sounds.

What: Incognito @ Jazzy Festival 2013
Where: MOM Cultural Center
When: 2013.10.18., 20:00
Link:More information

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