Illusions is the performance of the Budapest Secret Theater, and is coming to you as a part of a series called ‘Short and Sweet’. The idea behind Short and Sweet was to bring short plays to the audience, and the only thing that is common about them was their length. This is why Short and Sweet break it down into themes, and the theme of this one is light and airy, as it is about dreams, illusions and subterfuge.

This Time Around

The theme of illusions will be brought to life through the short plays of Harold Pinter, John Sayles, and a host of other famous, contemporary playwrights. The show will be held at MÜSZI, which is a great young theater dedicated to contemporary drama.

illusions Illusion

The Budapest Secret Theater

The plays will be performed by the Budapest Secret Theater, who are an up and coming young, talented bunch who are now coming into their own. Just starting to have sold out shows in small theaters, the career of this drama troupe is looking up, as more and more people are tuning in to their very high quality and high standard performances. The previous Short and Sweet was completely sold out for its last few performances, and this one will also have lots of viewers. The opening show will be this weekend, on Friday and Saturday, and it may never be played again, so do not miss out!

What: Short and Sweet: Illusions
Where: MUSZI
When: June 28th-29th
Link: More Informations and details

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