Hooters Budapest


Have you heard of their GIANT ummm… burgers? Hawaii, Nacho, Blue Cheese, More Than a Mouthful and Mushroom Swiss are just a few among their enormous Burgers.

This world-famous bar has opened its gates in the summer of 2012 in Budapest, so take your chance and check out how a part of American culture works in Budapest. The restaurant is not only compulsory for hungry bachelors (guys, don’t miss the hot waitresses, in their very short orange shorts and their attractive white T-shirts; and girls, don’t blame your boyfriends for not focusing only on you on a night-out here)!

The interior is relaxed and welcoming. In addition, the most important sport events are broadcasted by 52 HD TV’s and the two largest in Hungary!

Food, food, food

With what type of food can you ease your appetite in Hooters? Choose from their hooters salads (e.g. fried, buffalo chicken or caesar salad), their baby back ribs or fish&chips, their Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich is highly recommended with some onion rings or curly fries, their mouthwatering hooterstizers (e.g. the buffalo shrimp and platter) and their lovely desserts (raspberry cheesecake and a truly royal chocolate cake). Last but not least, promise me that you won’t miss the world famous chicken wings – choose from the original, naked, boneless and daytona beach style wings, all beautiful and cannot be tried anywhere else due to its unique sauce and careful preparation.

hooters Hooters Budapest

Accompany these with some ice-cold beer or with their high-quality cocktails in which they don’t spare the high amount of alcohol.

You can find Hooters Budapest in Ferenc Liszt Square, the very heart of the downtown, open every day from 11 till 22.


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