Hibernation – Winter is Coming

Budapest Autumn

Fall has fallen, as did most of the leaves by now, cold winds blow over the dark grey streets, and there’s no sunshine even in those few hours when it’s supposed to be – it is November, and winter is coming.

Budapest in Winter

So what happens to Budapest at this time of the year? There’re always travelers who don’t let themselves get tied down from such natural inconveniences as seasons and the weather, and they surely want to know what to expect here in the winter. Fear not, for Budapest remains amazing, and the incredible landscape of the city (that is itself a part of the UNESCO World Heritage!) is most beautiful in the dark, when its all lit up and shining. That means from 4 pm these days…

Winter Nightlife

Obviously, the cold has an effect on everyday life, including Budapest’s nightlife. It is still hyper, but both the crowds and the ruin bars had to come up with new, winter-suited solutions. At the summer, the open-aired places and gardens have the greatest advantage as the air is better and you can smoke while drinking – but to this point, it isn’t just one ruin pub that had to shut its doors for the season, as plenty of them aren’t fit for cold weather. They’re all looking for alternative solutions to provide some sort of heating, but they don’t always find any… This also means that smokers now not only have to find the National Tobacco Shops in order to buy a pack of cigarette, but they also need to leave the company and go out to the cold winter night to smoke.

froccsterasz Hibernation   Winter is Coming

Seasonal Changes

Well, actually, smokers outside the places are partly the reason why Budapest nightlife feels like a festival. Another such factor is the passing pub crawl, full of cheerful and tipsy travelers, going from one ruin bar to another. With such guidance, It is easy to find the places that are still open and unchanged… But otherwise it would be less so. The winter changes took place in quite a lot of the bars. As to give you a bit of an overlook, here are some examples: some places – like Fröccsterasz at Erzsébet square – went through a reconstruction to be ready to cater for guests in the winter; some weren’t that lucky and had to close until late spring, while the famous and major ruin bar, Anker’t closes to hand over its public to the Anker’t winter. And the list could go on and on… Still, you’ll find your way through the winter city, and if you’d rather save the energy and time, just join a pub crawl, and enjoy going out in Budapest – even in the winter!

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