Gozsdu Sky Terrace

Gozsdu Sky Terrace

Budapest is one of those European cities that sprang up spontaneously over time, and it was not planned, like most American cities, for example. That means that most of the architecture does not conform to one another, and the different styles and types of houses all og on each other, without any sort of rhyme or reason. This makes the scenery from the air amazingly beautiful. Finally, one of the inner city cafés was smart enough to exploit this beautiful view from above.

The Sky Terrace

Located in a more modern building, this terrace can give you a beautiful view of this marvelous city. Budapest has only started building upwards since the late 80s, and there are hardly any houses that are taller than 10 stories, and these modern buildings are, of course, much taller, giving a beautiful and undisturbed view of the entire city. This particular building is around 10 stories,and gives a very interesting view of the inner city.

gozsdu sky terrace view Gozsdu Sky Terrace

The panorama

The view is flanked by the Gellért hill and ot the marvelous Buda scenery of the XIth district on one side, and by the true Pest inner city on the other. Old buildings in various states of disrepair coupled with beautiful art deco houses and an amazing urban atmosphere that is truly unique to this fair city. And over everything looms the obese ghost of the MOnarchy, in architecture, stylée and finesse.

What to get

This place is suited to serve small crowds. They have plentiful alcohol and coffee or tea, and many other delicious fruity refreshments. They also serve food, but it is only made in small quantities and they usually only have a small menu, but it changes daily, and everything is made fresh. The food is to die for, and the drinks are exactly what you would expect from a spot near the Gozsdu udvar. A little pricy by Budapest standards, but making up for it by giving you the comfort and the amazing view of being near the posh end of the inner city. We recommend getting a wine spritz while up there, as they have terrific wines, and a little soda water turns any wine into a great refreshment, and for all you snobs, that’s just how we drink out here. Give it a shot, we won’t tell your friends….

The place is open 7 days a week, and receives customers from around 10 AM until about 7 PM, but depending on the day, may even be open until 10. A nice place for a quiet afternoon, to get away from the heat and the stress, kick back with a drink and enjoy the luscious scenery!

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