Gozsdu Mano Club


A ruin pub for dancing

Situated in the very heart of Gozsdu Udvar (courtyard), this underground ruin pub is indeed special for the only reason that you can dance here! This is not only a bar, a club but a concert and a party venue as well.


From Thursdays to Saturdays you can enjoy alternative, drum&bass, underground, pop, ska-punk, acoustic, chill, post-punk etc. concerts and the sound is great!

For their upcoming events see: https://www.facebook.com/GozsduMano/events

The bar itself looks pretty awesome: it is massive and composed of blue tiles, with a wooden top. The bricks on the wall with the colourful pictures and the shady (neon) lights give a special frame to the whole place. You can enjoy any of their two gardens (in the front or at the back), sit inside or go (literally) underground to merge into the real party.

Gozsdu Mano Club is mainly visited by generations around and under 30. Naturally, when a sport event is being broadcasted on their screen, it’s a different story.

gm Gozsdu Mano Club

Try to avoid their cheap wine as some people say that it’s not the best. As opposed to this, their cocktails are quite nice and unique. The prices are the same as in an average bar: shots and beers are from 1,5-2 Euros.

Food (salads, sandwiches), coffee are available and summertime they sell ice-cream in quite big proportions!

Official Facebook Page

Sun-Tue: 12-02

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