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Although Budapest is not known for its gay nightlife, and homosexuality is still a very taboo subject in mainstream society, there is a gay community, and there are places that are specifically geared towards homosexuals, they are just not talked about often. We have gathered three of the best ones, but there are many smaller ones, and there is a wide variety of queer friendly venues and locales in the city of spas.


Located in the posh section of the Ínner City in the University district, this bar and cafe is a cozy gay bar a short walk away from the Danube. With a unique ambiance and friendly staff, the place can best be described as familial, and has comfortable sofas and lounge chairs with cute little tables and great latte macchiatos. Karaoke and dance events every Sunday, and DJ sets every Saturday spice things up a little i the bar where “winter never comes”!

habrolo Gay Bars In Budapest

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Known as THE gay dance club in Hungary, AlterEgo is certainly the biggest. A proper underground dancehall with a steamy atmosphere, this venue is best known for its amazing cocktails, bargain happy hours, many rooms including a pole dance room and a secret chamber, and of course, excellent DJs playing dance and house music, which everyone knows the gay clubs always do better. Home to the most colorful and fabulous drag show in Budapest, which truly is a must see event.

alterego Gay Bars In Budapest


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As the name implies, this establishment is an action bar, and sorry ladies, it is male only. It’s a shame too, as this place is truly labyrinthine, and the deeper you get, the hotter the climate. On the first floor there is an internetcafé, and underneath it is the main dance floor, which spins some club hits every night of the week, but the club has many private rooms and even a bathtub for private use. Known as a regular cruise spot, this bar is famous internationally, and is conveniently located in Wesselényi street, smack dab in the center of Budapest.

coxx Gay Bars In Budapest

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