Farm in the city


When the rural surroundings is missing for you, no need to go to the countryside! Just walk into the brand new ruin pub of Budapest in Ó street. Officially less than a month old, but already popular among the younger generations in the 6th district.


In addition to the minimal design, this club focuses on clear and clean materials and outlook. Like the Hungarian proverb says: “Tidy court, decent house.” And this “house” is indeed decent!

Bikes have their own room while their owners enjoy the lovely atmosphere of the clean courtyard. 200 people may find peace in busy Budapest here at a time, the several hundreds of evergreens definitely relax mind and soul alike.

Drinking (hard)

If you like shots and cocktails, this is the place for you, as the main profile of Farm is a cocktail bar. Don’t be surprised to see the endless list of alcoholic beverages. Their prices are not the cheapest (from 700 HUF) but they are high-quality drinks and the cocktails are made from fresh-fruits. In addition to Czech beers, you may ask for coffees and cocktails as you like them, they’ll satisfy any of your special tastes or habits… hurray!!

farm Farm in the city

Besides drinking, you can eat here giant Farm platters (meat, cheese, or mixed), salads (like the honey-sesame oil salad), stuffed olives, feta cheese cream and many other, but all made of high quality ingredients as well.

I’m sure you want to see it for yourself now, so simply choose a time frame between:

Sun-Wed: 16-00, Thur-Sat: 16-02.

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