Family Festival At CsaládÜnnep

Millenáris Logó

Hungary truly is the land of festivals. They begin already in March,m and last all through the year, with a marked increase in the spring and summer months, with only January and February being free from events, to give a chance to organizers to recoup. Starting in March 22, families will also get the chance to bring their kids along and have fun for the whole family in a wholesome yet exciting, authentic festival atmosphere.

csaladunnep Family Festival At CsaládÜnnep


Literally meaning the “Family Celebration”, this festival is not only geared towards families with small children, the event is meant to go a step further and have activities that encourage togetherness and family bonding. It is definitely a great way to spend some quality time with the kids, and of course lunch and dinner can be bought at the event itself, and all the amenities that may be needed to keep kids busy, happy and participating will be given at the event. Besides the activities and workshops, mostly involving folk motifs and traditional handicrafts and woodworking, there will also be a constant array of sights, smells and tastes to keep the kids jaws perpetually dropped.

That Hungarian fare feeling

Hungarian fares have an atmosphere all to themselves, with men walking on stilts, and a particular kind of masked man who hands out gifts but is capricious as well, and there will be a hand powered wooden merry go round as well. The foods are usually fried funnel cake served salty and not sweet, with garlic and sour cream, bite sized fried foods, as well as cookies and pies galore, as well as wine for the grown ups.

The workshops and stalls are designe dina  way so that children can learn about traditional arts and crafts, and so that they can try out their hands at whatever seems interesting to them, and they can make simple presents and complete fun tasks, or can watch a master of the given trade practice his trade and learn from watching the pros, as it were.

There will also be a stage, with kids concerts, and childrens music performed live. These shows tend to be interactive, and tend to involve making kids sing and dance along, and learn fun new things. Folk music and dance exhibitions will also beheld, and you can get to know the rich tradition of Hungarian folk dance, that is so very different from region to region.


The venue where this will be held is going to be the MIllenáris park. This is a park built in Buda, behind a large mall, which stretches on for quite some time, and is a lawn of green in the area which used to be industrial, but is now mostly residential. The event starts early in the morning, and will be mostly outdoors, but as some buildings are also present, some of the events will be held indoors. This is lucks as the weather will be fantastic, the first real day of spring, with 22 celsius, sunshine and no rain!

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