Eleven Design Festival

Eleven Design Weekend

Yet another design weekend in Budapest! This city is quickly becoming the capital not of just Hungary, but of the design world as well. It seems that design houses and small, independent artists hell bent on making functional jewels, tools and utensils look as breathtakingly beautiful as ever. This weekend, starting TODAY, Friday the 9th of May, marks the start of a 3 day street fair and festival entitled the Eleven Design Festival. And before you ask, Eleven does not refer to the number between ten and twelve, but it does mean “alive, lively” in Hungarian. It’s a bit confusing as design is left in English.


There is going to be a wonderfully wide array of stuff for sell, including textiles, clothing, bags and accessories, but even furniture and other household goods will be available too, and aside from just being a market where you can buy the one of a kind materials that independent and extremely talented designers have designed, there is also all kinds of information available on issues that affect the world of design.

eleven design weekend Eleven Design Festival

Mostly, the questions of function versus aesthetics will be deal with. This is an important question, as sometimes something is so ornate, or shaped in such a way as to not be functional anymore. Where are the limits, and do function and aesthetic appearance necessarily cancel each other out? These questions and others will be dealt with at talks, shows and performances. All of them are available FREE OF CHARGE!


The entire event will be held on Bartók Béla utca, all up and down the street, in the open. This is one of the oldest and most beautiful streets in Budapest, and is usually quite an important transportation hub as well. Going in through the heart of the historic inner city, there could hardly be a more beautiful and spacious place to hold this event in. The boulevard is full of galleries, shops and cute little cafés, an ideal place for an art fair. All three days will have their fair share of things to see and amazing things to do, and all three days are free of charge, if you can keep your wallet in your pocket!

Official Site and Facebook Event

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